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        Welcome to the most complete free sports message board site on the web! With about 600 total sports message boards in all major professional sports, college sports, and misc categories, granularized to the particular team, you can be sure not too miss any sports discussion. Why search the web for various team boards, when you can find them all here. Join us and fellow sports enthusiasts in standardizing a central sports message board database. With this central sports site, you the fans will be able to discuss your favorite teams' with other fans, as well as getting involved in some heated discussions - all at one place: www.sportsfanboard.com

        In addition to hosting every professional and college team board in every major team sport, plus other popular sports, www.sportsfanboard.com provides sports fans the ability to support your favorite teams in the various sports. And what better way for fans loyal to a particular team to show support, than thru an off-the-field competitive challenge against fans loyal to other teams. This way, you the sports fans can also enjoy the on-the-field rivalry and competition that occurs in athletics. Team boards and individual fans are awarded sports prizes as an extra incentive. Trivia questions related to your team board's sport serve as the competitive playing field. Support your team and win prizes.

        You the fans are encouraged to post and reply to messages in the various boards Each registered fan maintains a sports fan board experience level. Initially fans are assigned a newbie status. As more messages are posted, the experience level increases to other levels. More experienced fans enjoy sports fan board benefits such as greater chances of winning prizes.

        This free site is intended for the sports fanatic. We would like you the fans to think of this as your site. We encourage anyone that has an idea for improving the site to contact us.