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Support Your Team and Win

          This is an off-the-field competitive challenge between fans, and their team boards. Fans compete against other fans for a chance to win prizes, as well as to see which teams' fans are the most knowledgable by testing the fans' sports IQ, thru trivia questions. Trivia questions are available in the following categories: pro football, college football, hockey, baseball, pro basketball, college basketball, and soccer. Each category contains a set of 5 trivia questions.
          Team boards compete against other team boards in their related category. As an example: a Denver Broncos board competes against other NFL boards. A UConn Basketball board competes against other college basketball boards - logical and straight forward. A new set of trivia questions in each category is made available every week, and a winning team board is chosen weekly in its appropriate trivia sports category. The winning boards are determined by the highest total number of 100% correctly answered trivia questions for that week. In case of ties - the previous week's winner remains as the champion.
          Each week, the individual fans that answered the trivia questions 100% correct, are entered into a winners pool. At the end of the month, a winner is chosen from the pool, randomly. The winner of the pool will be awarded a sports prize based on his/her interests courtesy of The Sports Section. Fans are allowed to answer up to 2 trivia categories initially (newbie experience), but increases commensurately with their experience level. As an example, a Fan that attains a True Sports Fan experience, is allowed to answer trivia in up to 3 categories, and so on... A fan is entered once for every trivia category that is answered perfectly for each week. This means that the most experienced fans will have the opportunity to answer all trivia categories and a chance to be entered multiple times into the pool.
          With all that said, just visit your favorite message boards, and directly answer the trivia questions from those boards. Good luck!